Money-Making Ideas for Your New Salon

Money-Making Ideas for Your New Salon

Salons are venues where beauty industry professionals provide services. A hairdresser may run a hair salon, or a cosmetologist may run a salon where patrons can receive multiple services, such as a haircut, facial, manicure, and pedicure.

Salon owners generate revenue by providing expert services to clients. Salon owners may also seek ways to multiply their revenue streams, enabling them to cover the startup costs associated with opening a new beauty parlor. Let’s explore some money-making ideas you can use to generate revenue when you open a new salon.

Create and sell beauty products.


Create creams, moisturizers, and lotions you can sell at your salon and use eco friendly lotion packaging for your products. Eco-friendly packaging is an excellent way to appeal to environmentally friendly consumers while giving your products a stylish, distinct look. Using American-made, plant-based containers made from recyclable materials is a great way to reduce the volume of trash heading to landfills while acquiring sustainable packaging for all your products.

You can also create shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion. You can customize your skincare products for all skin types while varying your hair products for straight, wavy, curly, thick, fine, and coily hair, ensuring you can meet all clients’ needs.

Rent booths to stylists, estheticians, or cosmetologists.

Some salon owners opt to rent booths to licensed beauty professionals. You won’t have to interview and hire stylists or pay wages while you’re launching your salon. Instead, licensed stylists within your establishment will pay you for space to provide expert services to clients.


Setting up rental booths involves acquiring professional resources, such as shampoo stations, barber chairs, and manicure tables. Suppose you hope to rent a booth to a licensed manicurist. Choose from various manicure station tables, including curved and square table designs. These station tables should have drawers for storage, ensuring manicurists can keep all the items they need in their booth. Choosing tables with electrical outlets allows you to offer manicurists convenient access to electrical outlets, enabling them to maximize their reach with corded appliances.

Invest in stylish seating and add coffee tables with style books patrons can look through. Professionals considering renting space will evaluate your entire operation, and you can impress them with a stylish establishment featuring a waiting area and a checkout booth. Selling professional products will also appeal to industry professionals because selling retail products can help them attract new clients.

Expand your services.

Offering multiple services is an effective way to increase your business revenue by maximizing your available resources. You’ll also benefit from attracting various clients who may visit your establishment for one service and opt to try other services when they discover everything you offer. You can also bundle services, enticing people to try different beauty treatments.


Options you could add to your beauty parlor include massage therapy services, tanning beds, and aromatherapy treatments. You could also expand by renting space to acupuncturists and reflexologists.

Thinking outside the box can be an excellent way to set your business apart. Proximity to water promotes relaxation, but many people don’t have year-round access to a lake or ocean near their residence. Many beauty industry professionals offer wellness services to clients, striving to help patrons look and feel their best. Add custom relaxation booths to your salon with water features, enabling clients to adjust the light settings. These booths offer people a way to reap the benefits of listening to water while in a climate-controlled environment where they can relax.

You can also expand your services by renting retail space to other vendors. Perhaps a local author has a series featuring a stylist that’s an amateur sleuth, or a local band sells CDs. You could also partner with a designer to create fashion accessories and sell clothing products from your establishment.

Salons generate revenue by providing services to clients. You increase your new salon’s revenue streams by creating and selling beauty products, renting booths to industry professionals, and expanding your services.

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