How To Choose Between a New Build and a Fixer-Upper

How To Choose Between a New Build and a Fixer-Upper

House hunters are often familiar with the competing regions of the property market. New builds do exactly what they suggest: offer homeowners with a brand-new property that’s been built specifically for them or as a carbon copy of the model home that featured the specifications and inclusions that would be present in the neighborhood’s growing real estate footprint. A new build can be a great asset for a family, as it’s a turnkey property that offers immediate access to an excellent floor plan and comfortable living quarters.

However, some families prefer the customization and, frankly, the unique challenge that a fixer-upper can provide. The ability to reimagine the space of a home in your own image is a powerful thing, and as a result, many people opt for a home with a bit of character and necessary work rather than one that is neatly packaged for a swift-moving day and a hit-the-ground-running atmosphere.

If you’re stuck weighing these options, this guide is the perfect resource. Continue reading to bring in some crucial information that will help make this decision easier so that you can start enjoying your new home as soon as possible.

Customization offers a wide range of possibilities.


A fixer-upper is a great option for those looking to make unique customizations within their new property. These homes are often sold at a slight (or even large) discount on the average value that home of its size and location might command. This is because the space will need some love and attention in order to fulfill the living space requirements that you or any other buyer might be looking to achieve. With a remodeling company at your side, like Home Concepts Custom Remodeling, finding the perfect blend of modern and traditional is simple and can provide you with a solid plan of action when working to renovate a fixer-upper in need of attention. Remodeling offers homeowners the ability to completely reimagine their space in any way that suits their needs.

Indeed, remodeling in the United States is a massive industry. U.S. homeowners collectively spend more than $400 billion on remodeling projects to spruce up the value and utility of their homes. Remodelers are often more than happy to provide prior client feedback, examples of their work, and stylistic consultations so that you can gain a better understanding of the work at hand as you approach a new home improvement project.

Another feature that’s often built into the “diamond in the rough” value of a fixer-upper is the unique location that these properties can offer their owners. Searching through North Carolina houses for sale can give you a great idea of some of the unique, existing properties that are on the market in the rural arena. Virtually every home that isn’t a new build will be wanting for some kind of attention as you work to make the space your own. Existing real estate can provide you with a scenic view, simple living, and much more than new builds can’t compete with.

New builds are often located near up-and-coming mixed-use community spaces.


A new build is a great option for some people. These properties are constructed in developing areas that will continue to produce excellent dining options, grocery stores, entertainment venues, and a wealth of neighbors who are often seeking the same kinds of amenities and lifestyle additions that you and your family are.

A new build is a completely new property that is designed with a long life span in mind. Consider these properties as a family with young children or even in retirement to get the best in community living.

Comparing these options is crucial for a new buyer looking to make the most of their move.

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