How Financial Brands Leverage Information Services

How Financial Brands Leverage Information Services

The information services sector is undoubtedly crucial to modern-day business for a wide range of reasons. Primarily, business today’s data-based, so these services help companies gather, process, store, and communicate various types of information to boost organizational efficiency.

The information systems provided by these services are invaluable to many industries, including the manufacturing, healthcare, air travel, and financial services sector. Many businesses in the financial services sector rely on these services to increase their efficiency in diverse ways. Here are some insights into how financial enterprises use information services.

Business Analytics To Obtain Insights


The financial services industry is perhaps the most data-intensive sector in the global economy. Therefore, financial institutions rely heavily on analytics to transform data into actionable information that can help them improve their operations. For example, banks have vast amounts of customer data from online payment, ATM deposits, and withdrawals, point-of-sale purchases, among others. Therefore, information service providers offer diverse expertise and pre-packaged solutions with advanced data collection and processing technologies. This way, financial brands can analyze their customer data to understand clients better and gain a competitive advantage.

These analytics also offer key insights into operations management, sales and marketing analysis, risk management, among others. However, finding the right information service provider is crucial to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Experienced research professionals such as Peter Dodge Hanover Research are good examples of top analysts you can partner with.

Peter Dodge is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Performance Officer of Hanover Research, global research, and analytics firm with headquarters in Arlington. Hanover Research provides knowledge support to more than 1,000 for-profit and non-profit organizations in the education, corporate, and healthcare sectors through high-quality, custom research on an annual, fixed-fee basis. Additionally, this market research firm employs high-caliber market researchers, analysts, account professionals, and statisticians who deliver quality, flexible, and affordable market research services.

Hanover’s research engine is driven by four core capabilities: grant development, data analysis, primary research, and secondary research. What’s more, Peter Dodge is also the founder of the Peter G. Dodge Foundation (PGDF), an organization dedicated to helping alcohol addicts overcome alcohol use disorder. He has a Bachelor’s degree in European History from Washington and Lee University and currently resides in New York.

Information Systems For Digital Transformation

Information-based services also help banks and other financial service institutions with a broad range of digital transformation efforts. For example, banks partner with these services to improve existing processes, operational models, and delivery channels. These information service providers offer solutions that guarantee good return on investment, as well as faster product and service deliveries, improved workforce collaboration, among others. This way, banks can champion innovation in their sector and improve customer satisfaction, boosting their prospects of an increased market share.

Insurance companies, credit card companies, brokerage firms, and credit unions also benefit from these services to achieve digital transformation. Many people select credit unions as financing sources these days due to their lower fees, better savings rate, and personalized customer service approach. These credit unions typically offer helpful tools like interactive calculators on their websites to help you make informed financial decisions.

For example, you can use a mortgage loan calculator to discover your monthly payment and generate an amortization schedule. These mortgage calculators help home buyers adjust their interest rates, loan terms, and down payment amounts to see how these variables influence their monthly mortgage payments.

Executive Support Systems For Upper-Level Decision Making

Executive Support Service providers offer computer-based systems that assist upper management and executive management with easy access to internal and external information that shapes decision-making and other top-level responsibilities. The top managers in banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and other financial brands use these systems to help them make fact-backed decisions based on internal and external information.

As an upper-level manager, it’s also essential to understand other aspects of your business operations, like tax compliance. Therefore, consider investing in books, PDFs, and other resources to help you understand tax law, tax types, tax liability, and state tax compliance.

Management Information Service Providers For Human Resource Upgrades

Despite the computerization of financial services, these businesses still require a human touch to ensure success. Also, the financial services industry has become competitive, and offering outstanding customer service is one of the unique ways to stand out in this crowded sector. As such, it’s crucial to upgrade the knowledge and expertise of employees to offer excellent services to clients. Management Information Systems (MIS ) can identify needs and areas where staff need improvement to help financial brands become more competitive.

For example, banks set internal standards like fast cheque clearance time, minimum waiting periods, and answering clients’ questions in the first phone call. These banks use an MIS to measure their progress on these standards and receive feedback on areas that can be improved to facilitate accuracy and responsiveness to customer needs.

Information services are crucial to the proper functioning of modern-day financial brands. The points above are insights into how these businesses leverage these services for the best results.

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