Great Holiday Gifts for Your Coworkers

Great Holiday Gifts for Your Coworkers

It’s almost the holiday season, and even though everyone is working from home, your co-workers probably still expect some festive recognition. It’s not easy to look for a gift for someone you only know through work, but there’s a wealth of options available. If you pick wisely, you can save a lot of time and money on the process too.

You can buy them comfortable back pillows, to help their spines adjust to working from home. Or, consider adding to their indoor plant, or work journal collection. You can even pick more straightforward gifts like scented candles, home accessories, or a putter to complete your co-worker’s golf accessories. Here are some great options if you’re the sort of person who has a hard time selecting gifts for your co-workers.

1. Golf Accessories


Is your co-worker an enthusiastic golfer? The golfing industry in the United States is large and prosperous, so it’s no surprise that people love spending their weekends on the green. For a golfer, golf balls, golf clubs with a good grip, and gift certificates to golf tournaments in the area are all great gift ideas. If they’re always talking about improving their short game and what wedges give them the best high bounce, a set of clubs is the perfect gift for them. You can also consider a set of custom wedges to make it a more meaningful gift.

2. An Indoor Plant

With several states extending telework options into 2021, everyone is probably setting into different types of home offices. Help your co-worker spruce theirs up with an attractive indoor plant. Not everyone has a dedicated study with large windows, so consider a houseplant that does not require a full sun dose or too much fertilizer.

The pygmy date palm is an excellent option since it has a tropical feel all year round. It grows well on a patio that receives ample sunlight but has so much versatility that it also grows well indoors too. The indoor plant is native to Southeast Asia and is easy to care for, as well as pet-friendly. Its leaflets resemble those of a date palm tree, but it’s small enough to fit into a little container in your home.

3. Something Scented


If you don’t know your co-worker well enough to ascertain if they’re a golfer in need of expensive accessories, or have a green thumb for indoor plants, consider a smaller gift instead. A scented candle seems bland, but you can make it much more interesting by engraving their initials into it. Or, consider a wax melter or incense box for their home office.

4. A Reusable Notebook

A notebook is usually a good gift for a co-worker, but it isn’t that exciting. Have you thought of gifting them a reusable notebook or journal instead? It’s a good twist on a gift that’s both fun and useful at the same time. They can use the durable books to keep track of work, record every email address and to-do list, and even sync it with online software.

5. Protective Eyewear.

All those hours spent staring at screens are a part of working life, but they’re not healthy for anyone. Luckily, some optical accessories and products can help. Gift your co-worker some protective eyewear, such as blue light glasses, so they no longer get teary-eyed while staring at their computer screens.

6. A Coffee Subscription


Is there any better way to start the day off, than with a good cup of coffee? Help your co-worker get a headstart on each day with a coffee subscription. You can pick an impressive selection of coffee that will surprise and delight them every month. A coffee subscription is an especially good idea if you don’t know what roast your co-worker has a preference for, since it usually includes a varied assortment.

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