5 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

5 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

DIY decorating is an economical way to give a home a fresh look. Decorating doesn’t require buying all new things; most people don’t realize just how much they have lying around the house waiting to be repurposed. Before getting started, take a look around the house to get inspired by what already exists. Figure out what’s worth holding on to, what can be recycled, and where to add new. For help getting inspired, check out these five budget-friendly decorating ideas. 

Spruce up the walls 

Think of walls as blank canvases that can be turned into art. A quick and simple way to give any room a new look is to change the color of the walls. Painting with two contrasting shades of color can add dimension and make a room feel larger. Get creative and paint designs using stencils or use painter’s tape to paint lines, rectangles, or other shapes. Sponging is another painting technique that can add interest to walls. Applying wallpaper or decals to create a feature wall can also add interest to a room. 

Creative storage and furniture 

Clutter can detract from the look and feel of a space. Get creative with storage and find pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For small spaces, consider tall bookcases or use empty space under the bed for out-of-sight storage. 

Furniture can make a strong statement. Restain or paint existing tables, chairs, or cabinets to give them an antique or rustic look. Change out the fixtures on drawers to freshen them up. If it’s time to replace furniture, look for pieces that make a statement; don’t be afraid to look for reclaimed pieces. 

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Focus on floors 

Floors take a lot of wear and tear. Change the surface by staining or sanding down wood floors, or replace linoleum with self-installed tiles. For a fast fix, use area rugs to add depth or cover up any signs of wear on floors. Think about layering different colors and shapes of rugs to make floors pop and tie in with the walls. 

Affordable artwork 

Most people don’t realize just how much artwork they have. Scroll through photos on phones, computers, and tablets and start printing out amateur shots. Mount photos on simple mats, or dress them up with simple frames. Photos can even be incorporated into tables by placing a piece of glass on the surface and slipping prints underneath. 

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Play with lighting 

Lighting is important to highlight a room. Enhance natural lighting by using simple window treatments. Apply iron-on decals or letters to monogram light shades, or add embellishments by gluing on appliques. If existing lamp shades are beyond sprucing up, replace them with colorful shades in different shapes and sizes. 

Switching out light bulbs to lower-wattage can give a more ambient, romantic atmosphere. Make decorative light fixtures by filling empty jugs with either white or colorful strands of Christmas lights. Uplighting is another handsome way to add a sensual, relaxed feel to a room. 

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