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Charlie Sheen HIV: What he says about?

Charlie Sheen HIV status confirmed on 2015 after he was being blackmailed for $10 million to keep his secret quiet. Sheen comes from a show business family. His father is Martin Sheen and his brother Emilio Estevez. Sheen announced the fact that he is HIV positive in 2015. This was four years after he was diagnosed. Sheen admitted that he continued to have sexual relations with women even after he learned his HIV status. Today Sheen continues to act and is now one year sober.

charlie sheen hiv diagnosis

Charlie Sheen is a celebrated Hollywood Veteran. He is has been a mainstay in movies and was the star of “Two and a Half Men,” an CBS comedy that starred him as an athlete-turned-therapist. The guy rose to fame and riches, thanks to an unusual deal that saw him take home 40% of the series’ profits!

Sheen had even been listed #67 on Forbes List of top 100 celebrities in 2013 but later dropped in 2014. His residence is in Los Angeles, CA. He is divorced but has five children.

Is Charlie Sheen HIV positive?


He further elaborated to have contracted the virus four years ago but never came out publicly to admit the same. According to his statement, it was about time that he put to an end the onslaught and barrage of attacks and harmful stories that he was threatening the health of many other people.

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In an interview, he explained that he wasn’t sure how he contracted the virus but went ahead to say that he has managed to tell all his sexual partners of his condition and said that it is “impossible” to have transmitted it to any of them.

While recalling, he said, he had suffered a cluster of headaches after another as well as night sweats before finally subjecting himself for the diagnosis and took a battery of tests that confirmed he was HIV positive.

Life after HIV diagnosis for Charlie

Though looking fine and healthy, he says, “It’s a hard three letters word to absorb” and that it is a turning point of one’s life. After receiving the results, he decided to share the diagnosis with some people he trusted. But some ended up blackmailing lots of money from him to remain silent. He says to have paid those people “in the millions,” more than ten million dollars to be specific!  This included one prostitute that entered his bathroom, took a cell phone picture of his drugs and threatened to expose him and sell the image if he didn’t pay her.

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It looks like this is one of the reasons he had to come out publicly to share his HIV status. When asked if would continue paying the people, he said: “Not after today.”

Charlie does not have AIDS’

Sheen was joined on the show by his doctor, Robert Huizenga, an assistant professor of clinical medicine at UCLA ,and was asked directly if he had AIDS.
“Charlie does not have AIDS,” Huizenga said. “AIDS is a condition where the HIV virus markedly suppresses the immune system and you are susceptible to rare, difficult cancers and infections. Charlie has none of those. He is healthy; he does not have AIDS.”
HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, attacks the immune system by destroying white blood cells, which are vital to fighting infection. Once enough of these cells have been destroyed and the person has another “opportunistic” infection like pneumonia or tuberculosis, the diagnosis moves to the final stage of the infection, called AIDS.

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This won’t be the AIDS-free generation

There are two main ways HIV is spread in the United States — by sex and by sharing needles, syringes or any of the equipment used to prepare and inject drugs. Anal sex carries the highest risk, followed by vaginal sex and having multiple partners.
In the “Today” interview, Charlie Sheen HIV diagnosis denied any possibility that he got the disease via drug use. “No needles,” Sheen said. He also said he was no longer on drugs, but did continue to drink and seek the company of prostitutes. 

Unprotected Sex and Charlie Sheen HIV status


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Sheen told Lauer that he had unprotected sex “under the care of my doctor” with two women since his diagnosis, but that it was “impossible” that he had transferred the virus to them. While Huizenga did not agree that it’s “impossible,” he did say it was highly unlikely.
“He was immediately put on treatment, strong antiviral drugs, which has suppressed the virus, to the point that he is absolutely healthy from that vantage,” Huizenga said. “Individuals who are optimally treated with undetectable viral loads, (the risk is) incredibly low to transmit the virus. We can’t say it’s zero, but it’s an incredibly low number.” 

We can conclude that Charlie Sheen HIV positive but it does not make any trouble to the actor and he is still acting in movies and tv-serials making his best roles in his way.