HIV people

What people with HIV says about the future

This is the most common myth that people with HIV don’t have the future. To break it for the first and the last time we will discuss today the future plans of HIV people.

From our group of active members, we took 45 people with the different stage of illness and asked them to write a persuasive essay about their plans for the future. What exactly they want and what they need to achieve desired results.

We gave them a month to make same thoughts and write down all bullet points they need.

After the divided period of time, every one of the group brought the papers to the table of our office and we read them.

What did patients write for the future?

No doubt that every one of writers had a focused plan what to do. Every one knew what he needs to win to get what is required. About 90% of writers said that they will face the elderly age together with a second couple, full of love and kids. And it is real.

About 90% of writers said that they will face the elderly age together with a second couple, full of love and kids. And it is real.

70% wrote that they have a dream to find a good job or open their own business and it is real too.

50% admitted they want to travel the whole life and visit as many countries as they can afford.

30% want to get the first of second higher education in the University of America or Europe, at the University of Florida, where are special courses for HIV students or in Netherlands, University of Amsterdam, where new inventions in the HIV area broke the wall of nowadays studies and almost were found the cure for the illness.

But every person pointed he has the will to live and get the best from his life.

What exactly every person needs to do?

There is nothing special is required to achieve what every person is needed. As the statistics show most of the healthy people do not achieve as much as people with HIV/AIDS. Why? Doing the analysis essay the human can determine the skills and knowledge to step on the finish line of the plan.

Bullet points to help to go further:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Never give up
  • Smile every day
  • Listening to the music you like
  • Help to others
  • Don’t get crazy
  • Feel free


This is a simple rule. The less you think about the bad things – the longer your happy life? Why? There is many discussion on this case, but the main – that all illnesses are from getting nervous. If you take everything easy, you don’t screw your mind up and your body and brain are chilling. But when you are starting to get nervous, to try to fix something you can’t at this moment of your life, it is starting to smash you.

So based on these rules. Take care, feel free, help others and love your life. I know it is not easy. But as statistics and groups of our HIV students show – it worth it.